Homage to the Sphere (Part II)

Further progress has been made in the development of our Homage to the Sphere virtual reality environment. There will now be 6-8 objects populating the sphere. Here is my current thinking on these – although I’m still thinking about some of the objects. Firstly, these objects will be really simple in form … and that tiny versions will […]

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Homage to the Sphere (Part I)

Just what is it, this thing we call ‘colour’? The aim of this residency is to produce a series of artworks that will explore and investigate the many different ways in which we perceive and understand colour. As might be expected, there will be a series of vibrantly coloured paintings made with pigments – compounds that selectively […]

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Visualising Colour

Discriminating patterns and making connections … This is how Andrew described the work of science as I left the lab after my third day in the University of Sheffield Department of Physics. This is not so very different to the work of art I think – at least on one level … The topic that had […]

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Living Colour …

One definition of the word fugitive, from the Oxford English Dictionary, is as follows: quick to disappear; fleeting: the fugitive effects of light. The word is derived from Late Middle English: from Old French fugitif, -ive, from Latin fugitivus, from fugere ‘flee’. This fleeting (fleeing) quality is often attributed to life. In terms of paint, at least in terms of the specialist terminology used […]

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” Visibility from a quarter of a mile away” H Bates 1864 In Morpho butterflies such as Morpho anaxibia brilliant colours are produced by intricate fir tree-shaped microstructures too small for optical microscopes.  

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